About eLumenArt

Why eLumenArt?

Welcome to eLumenArt, where art meets innovation in the most luminous way possible. We're not just about displaying art; we're about bringing it to life. Our cordless, smartphone-controlled picture frames are designed to not only preserve and showcase your cherished art but also to illuminate it in a spectrum of colors that can set the mood or light up a room, all with a touch on your screen.

Our Vision

Imagine a world where art transforms with the setting sun, where the strokes and hues of a painting can glow in sync with the rhythm of your life. That's the world eLumenArt envisions and creates. By day, our frames offer elegant simplicity, seamlessly blending into your space. By night, they become vibrant conduits of light and color, giving a new dimension to the art they hold.

Our Product

Our frames are a testament to craftsmanship and technological advancement. They are easy to recharge, designed to last, and gentle on your art. With LEDs that emit no harmful UV rays, we ensure that your art remains as timeless as the moments they capture or the stories they tell. It's not just about protection; it's about preservation and presentation.

Smart, Versatile, and Artful

eLumenArt frames are for the art lover who values aesthetics and innovation. Whether you're setting a romantic ambiance, a tranquil retreat, or a lively party scene, our frames adapt to your needs, casting your art in light that complements your life.

Sustainability in Light

We believe in sustainability, not just in the art we help illuminate but also in the technology we use. Our LED frames are energy-efficient, designed for longevity, and crafted to ensure that our footprint is as light as the artful glow they emit.

Join the Artistic Revolution

Step into the future of art display with eLumenArt. Embrace the power to change how you view art, to control how it blends with your environment, and to let it illuminate your space and spirit. With eLumenArt, you don't just hang art; you bring it to life.